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My name is Miranda Sofroniou, I’m a British Illustrator and Artist based in Italy. I specialise in creating immersive illustrations that evoke memories and inspire curiosity. Through my bold use of colour and vibrant brushstrokes, I invite the viewer into my work and explore the relationship between figures and their environment.


My love of nature and travel has taken me all over the world, from London to Melbourne and now to a small village in Northern Italy. My surroundings directly inspire my illustrations, and I am passionate about creating work that encourages awareness and understanding of our environment.


In my work, I use a mixed media approach that always starts with handcrafted sketches. I find that the experience of putting paint on paper gives the piece an energy and a vibrance that grabs people’s interest. I mix stylisation and realism to express the mood within a scene, using a combination of paints, coloured pencils, and crayons.


I have had the pleasure of collaborating with clients across the globe on a range of creative projects, including work within editorial and book publishing, designs for jigsaw puzzles and product packaging and prints for clothing. Working with large and small independent businesses and individuals I create work that has a powerful and striking impact.



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Select Clients:

And Sons Chocolatiers, British Airways, Dorling Kindersley, EeBoo, Editorial Flamboyant, Frankie Magazine, Flow Magazine, Galison, Green House Interiors, Hallmark, ING Bank, Macmillan Cancer Support, National Express UK, Ohh Deer, Penguin Books, Quarto Publishing, Soho House, Thames and Hudson, Taproot Magazine, Waitrose, Wall St Journal

I am constantly pushing myself to grow and evolve as an artist, and am always looking for new opportunities and challenges to inspire my work.

If you'd like to get in touch please drop me an email:

Find me on Instagram: miranda_illustration

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